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pshropshire's account

pshropshire Name: Philip Shropshire
Gender: Male
Member since: Sep 14, 1999
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Opinions written: 8
Member visits: 167
Total visits: 950
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Opinion Eroyalties: $23.73
Income Share: $5.21
Other: $24.56
Total Earnings: $53.50

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Date Title Reviewed Product Category Opinion Rating Visits
(member / total)
12/17/99 Failed "Fifth Column" Effort To Restore The Old Order The Control Revolution: How the Internet is Putting Individuals in Charge and Changing the World We Know


Highly Recommended 5 / 45 $0.33
11/24/99 Die Religion Die!!! Dogma


Highly Recommended 21 / 87 $1.89
11/10/99 A Defense of the November Esquire Esquire


Highly Recommended 33 / 338 $9.69
10/24/99 Superior Offering This Month Red Herring


Highly Recommended 30 / 176 $6.67
10/24/99 Stunning Cover, So So Content Wired


Highly Recommended 29 / 79 $5.86
09/24/99 The Blue Light Fades To Black Blue Light: A Novel


Highly Recommended 15 / 63 $1.46
09/16/99 You Will Be Assimilated and You'll Probably Like It The Age of Spiritual Machines


Highly Recommended 25 / 85 $2.31
09/16/99 Rise Robots Rise Says Hans and You Better Get Used To It Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind


Highly Recommended 9 / 77 $0.72
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Favorite Web Sites:

I suppose you can decide if you can trust my reviews if you trust my likes and dislikes. So here goes: Favorite books: Dangerous Visions edited by Harlan Ellison, Deathbird Stories by Harlan Ellison, Breakfast of Champions, Cat's Cradle, Welcome to the Monkey House and Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut, Burning Chrome collection by William Gibson, Axiomatic collection by Greg Egan, Thomas Pynchon's V, Henry Miller's Tropic of Capricorn, Tropic of Cancer and Black Spring, and the Air Conditioned Nightmare if you can find it, Chip Delaney's Triton, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight, Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash and his short story "Hack the Spew" which I believe is uncollected, George Orwell's 1984, Animal Farm and his collected political writings, Eric Drexler's Engines of Creations, and others I don't have the space to list. Favorite Bands: The original quintet version of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, quartet version of Return to Forever with Al Dimeola on guitar, Weather Report with Jaco Pastorius, and other players of the now discredited fusion movement such as Allan Holdsworth and Brand X and I have a soft wet spot for Bjork and acid jazz artists like Portishead and Spaceways. Also addicted to Steely Dan. Favorite Films: Just a few obvious ones, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Annie Hall, Bladerunner, and recently the Matrix and not so obviously The Lathe of Heaven, the adaptation of the Ursula Le Guin novel.

About pshropshire:
I have worked as a reporter, media watch columnist, ran a consumer group for three years and been an occasional pro se attorney. I've sold everything from vacuum cleaners to satelite dishes to computers. I am a huge fan (literally, I'm 6' 5") of comics and science fiction and am a Pop Culture addict in general. I am also an English Major. There. Are you happy now?