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Curious about Pony Computer’s pricing? Well, if you run a business or purchase for one, then send us in a quote. We’ll take a look at it.

Keep in mind that Pony Computer is a national company focused on providing superior products and services to corporate accounts, non-profit organizations, and local, state, and federal government agencies.

Our mission is to achieve leadership in these markets by satisfying the needs of our customers in innovative ways; by being the best in everything we do.

If you’re curious about our pricing and service, then fax us a quote. You can use the sheet we’ve provided below or you can fax us your own quotes.

First, we need a little basic information:

Contact Name and Title:_____________________________________

Company Name_____________________________





Email Address______________________________

When will you need these computer Systems?:___________________________________


How many systems?:

CPU: (check one) ___AMD ___INTEL

Specify speed:___________

Hard Drive Size:_________

Ram: (32, 64, etc.) _______

Specify Type: (e.g., EDO or Dimm)__________

Specify Graphic Card: (e.g., 4 mb, 8mb or PCI or AGP)_____________

Monitor Size: (e.g., 15, 17 or 19 inch)__________

Case: (e.g., full or midtower, desktop, etc.)___________________



Sound Card:_____________________


Operating System: (e.g., Windows or Linux)____________

Network Card:____________

Other: (e.g., scanners, printers, something that I haven’t thought of)_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


If you have a question, then please call Phil Shropshire at Pony Computer. The number is 412 856 0912.

To fax us a quote dial:

412 856 0913